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Bewl Water Fishing Lodge
 Lamberhurst, Kent TN3 8JH
  tel 01892 890352



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Bewl Fishery Report  26th March 2015

Water temperature 6degC - Water level  92%
An outstanding first week of the 2015 season at Bewl Water despite the usual chilly weather with returns showing an exceptional rod average of 7.31. Both bank and boat anglers have had plenty of good sport and many limits have been caught. Some anglers have reported catching and releasing up to 30 trout.
Over 7600 rainbows from Bulldog fishery were stocked before opening day and 2000 more have been stocked since. They are in excellent condition with many weighing over 3lb and are proving very popular with anglers. Average fish size is 2lbs 9ozs.
Best areas for boat and bank have the more sheltered areas of Bewl Straight - Tinkers Marsh, Goose Creek , Dunsters and Overy's. The area in front of the playground and Monty's Seat are also worth trying.
The trout are one or two feet below the surface.
Successful flies have been anything black including Cormorants, Tadpoles and Buzzers .
Water temperature is 6degC and the level is 92% 
If anyone would like to receive the fishing reports by email, please send an email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and we will add you to the mailing list.
Bewl Fishery Report  30th October 2014
(Full report attached)
Water temperature 13degC - Water level  68%
The fish are still high in the water and are being caught in the same areas. Rod average, based on returns, was a very good 3.02.  Best areas for boats are Chingley, the Dam, the Cages and Hook straight and best areas for bank fishing are Chingley, Bramble Point and Seven Pound Creek.  
Successful flies are again Hoppers, Daddies, Boobies, Minkies, Diawl Bachs and Cormorants.
The popular Boss's Day competition organised by Vince Brooks took place on Saturday. 70 anglers caught 211 trout giving a rod average of 3. Our visitors from Belgium once again took the top three places. Overall winner was Bernard Wautelet with 8 fish weighing 19lb 9.5oz.
Approximately £1300 was raised for The RNLI.
Winners of the prize draw for October are 1st Ron Comben, 2nd Ian Watts and 3rd Colin Smith. They will be notified by post.
Water temperature 13degC - water level 68%.
Bewl Fishery Report  23rd October 2014
(Full report attached)
Water temperature 13degC - Water level  69%
Please note:
Saturday 25 October:  No boats are available
Wednesday 29 October:  No Any Method fishing
Report:  There has been very little change in fishing conditions in the last week. However, some days have been better than others depending on the weather, but generally most anglers have managed to catch part or all of their limit. The fish are still on the top of the water.
Rod average for the week, based on returns, is an excellent 4.17.
Best areas for boats have been across the Main Bowl and Hook Straight.
Best areas for bank fishing are still Chingley, Bramble Point and Seven Pound Creek.
Successful flies have been Hoppers, Daddies, Diawl Bachs, Boobies, Minkies and Montanas.Top 25 Fish of the Week                                                  Statistics from Returns            
lbs    ozs    Rainbow    Blue    Brown                
5    0              1                                                   Total number of returns:        65    
4    0              4                        
4    0              4                                                   Total Rainbows from returns:        241    
3    8              9                        
3    8              2                                                    Total Blues from returns:        28    
3    2                             2                
3    2              2                                                    Total Browns from returns:        2    
3    0             2                    
3    0             3                                                    Total fish from returns:        271    
2    14          2                    
2    13          1                                                      Rod Average from returns:        4.17     
2    12          3                        
2    10          1            lbs    ozs    
2    8            6                                                       Average fish weight:    2    6     
2    8           2                    
2    7           1            lbs    ozs    
2    6           12                                                      Best Rainbow:    5    0    
2    5           13                                                     Caught by:    Andy Wedd        
2    5             2            lbs    ozs    
2    4         144                                                     Best Blue:    4    0    
2    4             2                                                     Caught by:    Robin Wieck        
2    3             1            lbs    ozs    
2    2            12                                                   Best Brown:    3    2    
2    2            2                                                    Caught by:    John Turner        
2    0    30    2                    

Biggest fish of the week and the season so far is a superb rainbow weighing 11lb 8oz which was caught by Steve Nowland of dorking Fly fishers from a boat at Canoe Club Corner . Steve was fishing a washing line set up on an intermediate line and the trout was taken on a black tadpole. 






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