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Eyebrook Trout Fishery Weekly Report
Week ending 5th April 2015

Trout Taken476 Catch and Release387 Rod Returns153 Fish per rod5.64
With the promise of finer weather on the horizon the Eyebrook Trout Fishery is already producing some wonderful early season nymph and buzzer action
Diane Orson was literally over the rainbow when she recently landed the fish of a lifetime at Eyebrook Trout Fishery. Anchored at the willows, Diane Orson of Long Clawson, Melton Mowbray was not particularly enjoying her afternoons boating session as she and her partner had already broken their hot drink flask and were busily putting the blame for the unfortunate accident on being issued motorboat No 13! But Diane’s luck was just about to change as she began to reel in to change her fly; a fish of decent proportions seized hold of Di's cat’s whisker and after a torrid fight was landed. Diane was absolutely amazed as she peered into the landing net, a huge rainbow trout lay before her, once back to the fishing lodge the fish was duly weighed and photographed by fishery warden Jobe Burnham, the scales settled at 10lb 11oz, indeed a super fish and very well done Diane from the Eyebrook fishery team.
 Eyebrook regular and boat fisherman Gordon Price of Wigston anchored at the willows and caught eight rainbows for 17lb 2oz and included a beautiful over wintered 5lb specimen in his catch; Gordon took his fine catch on black buzzers.
Members representing Leicestershire Handicapped Fly Fishers enjoyed some fine weather and a wonderful day afloat on Eyebrook recently and caught a total of sixty-one rainbows of which most were taken on black buzzers.
 Season ticket holder Ian Campbell of Cottingham fished the bank at sams dyke and caught and released sixteen fighting fit rainbows, most of which fell to a diawl bach. Peterborough angler Dave Shaer enjoyed his bank fishing at the hawthorns and caught many fighting fit rainbows on a combination of montana nymph and black buzzers. New season ticket holder Darren Blackshaw of Blatherwycke caught some decent rainbows from the bank at Robbos cabin; Darren also included a nice three and a half pounder in his catch
For your Chance to Win a Day Motorboat at Eyebrook Trout Fishery simply register your details at Eyebrook fishing lodge or at our on-line booking facility and send in your name and contact details including your email address and we will enter you into our weekly prize draw for a day motorboat at Eyebrook. Normal day permits will still apply. And this week’s lucky winner is Dave Ward of Broughton Astley.
Boat bookings are now being taken so to reserve boats or any other general fishery information call 01536 772930 alternatively boats can be booked online at www.eyebrook.com
 Catch up with the ‘All New’ Eyebrook Fishery Website at www.eyebrook.com absolutely full to the brim with fishery tips and all your fly-fishing related questions answered at ‘Millers Tails’ and for those of you who tweet, you can now follow us on @theEyebrook, if you’re on Facebook like our page at www.facebook.com/eyebrook
Andy Miller 






Welcome to Eyebrook Trout Fishery 2015

  Opening Day at Eyebrook Trout Fishery on Thursday 26th March 2015


Looking back to Eyebrook’s opening day 2014 –

Anglers were queuing at the gate at 05.15am in the morning in anticipation of Eyebrook’s opening day 2014. The weather held fine as 113 anglers wet a line for the very first time this season at Eyebrook, and it was not to long before the first trout were being played and landed. The Leicestershire bank had the wind onto it, but a majority of the anglers had opted too fish the woodside and had already spread themselves evenly along from the three trees to the willows and were all reported catching steadily throughout the morning. As the day progressed and after a relatively sunny morning the cloud cover slowly increased and the odd rain shower did little to dampen the enthusiasm of the visiting fishermen. The boat anglers were also catching plenty of fish, most of them were anchored reasonably close to the wooded bank, and were certainly being very respectful of the 50 meter rule with distance too the nearby bank anglers. It was certainly great too see all the visiting fishermen with beaming smiles and lots of fish being taken on flies such as bloodworm, montana nymph, blobs and black taddies.


Unlike the previous year 2013,springtime had arrived early and the nymph and buzzer sport was exquisite, in fact no more than we have come to expect from the fishery these days.  

With June quickly upon us the promise of some fantastic dry fly sport with Cdc Emergers, Bobs bits and the like, we often boast the ‘top of the water’ sport at Eyebrook is probably as good as it gets anywhere. Eyebrook as expected did not disappoint. 


 Soaring temperatures during July and August did little to upset the fishing and there were still many anglers who successfully overcame the hot weather conditions by using heavy buzzers fished deep to good effect, the season progressed and into September the Crane fly appeared, not as vast numbers as encountered the previous season, but enough to encourage, and maintain the trout’s surface feeding activities.


A summary of the 2014 Season


The 2014 Eyebrook fishing season ended on a high, with a total of 5,801 returns from the fishery resulting in 15,875 trout taken and a further 15,155 fish caught and released giving an overall rod average of 5.34 fish per rod for the season.


2014 proved to be a very successful fishing season for many anglers at Eyebrook, some might even describe it as a ‘vintage year’





‘Moving on to the New 2015 Fishing Season’


Welcome to Eyebrook Trout Fishery Hospitality Day 2015

We would like to take this opportunity to cordially invite all anglers to our annual Eyebrook Trout Fishery Hospitality Day to be held on Sunday 22nd March 2015 at the Eyebrook Fishing Lodge, Great Easton Road, Caldecott, Leicestershire LE 16 8RP. 

Doors will open at 10am till 4pm with refreshments served through out the day including soup and rolls. Admission is FREE all proceeds will be donated to The English Disabled Fly Fishers Association.

We are hopeful that our resident fly tyers John Dracup, Trevor Ashby and Darren Watts will be on hand with fly tying demonstrations throughout the day.  

The Eyebrook team will also be on hand with Day and Season tickets available to purchase in preparation for the Eyebrook's first day of fishing on Thursday 26th March 2015


Now a little bit of ‘fishing gen’ to hopefully help you catch an early season trout or two in 2015!

The Eyebrook as you may be aware is a relatively shallow fishery therefore the margins generally warm reasonably well in the early spring sunshine, this encourages Chironomid hatches that can produce spectacular buzzer and nymph sport for the discerning still water fly fisherman. Amongst Eyebrook’s top fly patterns for early season fishing are Black Epoxy Buzzers; Pheasant Tails; Hares Ears; Diawl Bach; Crunchers; Cats Whiskers and Taddies. Probably the most effective are Black buzzer and Diawl bach variants fished slowly on floating or intermediate lines, but remember that it is most important to retrieve really slowly as water temperature’s should still be low and the fish won’t want to expend any energy to feed.

Lake Olives still hatch in moderate numbers but are nowhere as prolific as they used to be, a good imitation here though would be a Pheasant Tail Nymph. Mayfly numbers too are on the increase, but it is the smaller terrestrials such as Hawthorn fly that tempt early rising trout. For the majority of the season the use of a floating line is highly recommended to hopefully maximise your sport and enjoyment at the fishery, a team of flies consisting of size 12 Black Buzzer, Diawl Bach and Cruncher are generally very effective, the early season bank angler would also do well to fan his cast to maximise water coverage and a very slow figure of eight retrieve will often prove irresistible.

Regular Eyebrook fishermen will generally head for the well known hotspots such as the Bell, the Hawthorns or the Willows and along to Robbo’s Cabin of which all are capable of producing good numbers of quality fish, but for the more discerning angler who would rather catch a lean over wintered specimen, then Stoke Dry or the Cowshed might just be the place to fish.


For mid season and hopefully warmer fishing conditions, Damsel imitations, Bloodworm patterns, Gold ribbed hares ear nymphs and traditional wet flies such as Silver Invicta, Wingless Wickhams and Soldier Palmer should reign supreme.

Eyebrook’s “Top of the water action is as good as ever” Cdc emerger’s and many dry fly patterns including Bobs Bits and the Hopper family all work well from both the bank and boats.


The quality of the fish taken at Eyebrook during 2014 were nothing less than superb and our fish farmers are confident that they can continue to supply the Eyebrook with the same stamp of quality trout that have been introduced in more recent years. Regular stockings of trout will be introduced at points around the reservoir throughout the 2015-fishing season. A total of 5,000 top quality rainbows will be introduced into the fishery before commencement of fishing on Thursday 26th March 2015.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank The River Gwash Trout Farm and Westacre Trout Farm for the very high standard of fish supplied to the Eyebrook Trout Fishery

For more fishing information contact the Eyebrook Fishing Lodge, Great Easton Road, Caldecott, Leicestershire, LE16 8RP- 01536 772930 or website at www.eyebrook.com.


You can also follow Eyebrook on twitter … @The Eyebrook


And like our page on Facebook … www.facebook.com/eyebrook


Enjoy yourselves and have a great game fishing season at Eyebrook trout Fishery in 2015


The Eyebrook Team




Trout Taken 251 (15538)
Rod Returns 113 (5639)
Fish per rod 2.22 (2.75)
Season’s totals in brackets
The Weeks Action Season ticket holder Bill Hill of Wilbarston introduced his friend Dave Taylor to the delights of fly-fishing at Eyebrook and swiftly demonstrated how to catch six fighting fit rainbows on black buzzers. Bill Whittle of Grantham enjoyed his latest boat outing and took four rainbows and returned three more. John Punt of Leicester fished daddies on a floating line on a recent boat outing and caught eight rainbows; John returned five more on catch and release. Andrew Flitcroft and Peter Gathercole boat fished at the cowshed and caught fourteen fighting fit rainbows on muddlers and daddies. Season ticket holder Mark Hunt caught sixteen rainbows on a combination of daddies, crunchers and minkie boobies; Mark described the fishing at Eyebrook as “excellent”. Syngenta once again enjoyed Eyebrook hospitality with their annual boat fishing competition, many thanks to organizer Gareth Debenham.
 Eyebrook Pike Trials 2014 The fishery has once again introduced pike fishing from the 1st October 2014 using lures and sea dead baits. A number of boats have been allocated on each day throughout October for predator fishing. As of previous years we hope that all trout anglers respect the pike fishermen and vice versa, and that these trials may once again prove beneficial and of interest to all parties. For more information and rules regarding predator fishing at Eyebrook go to www.eyebrook.com and click on the predator motif.
Pike Fishing Update The first weeks of the 2014 Eyebrook pike trials has been well received and a healthy number of pike have now been caught including a few high teens and several early twenties, the heaviest recorded at 24lb 10oz. Although many pike anglers have opted to use sea dead baits the most pike taken have fell to lures and jerk baits. Luke Kelbrick of Chester caught a lean fighting fit 23lb 8oz pike on a jerk bait recently. Terry Eldridge of Hatfield Heath caught a stunning 24lb 10oz pike on the first day of the 2014 Eyebrook pike trials, the heaviest fish taken during the 2014 pike trials to date.
Trout Fishing Tactics and suggested fly patterns The most successful fly patterns at present include suspender minkies, black buzzers, black hoppers, pheasant tail nymphs, diawl bach, crunchers and gold ribbed hares ear nymph. By far the best tactics for both the bank and boat are dry flies, which are taking plenty of top quality fish, patterns such as fiery brown bobs bits, natural daddies and Cdc emerger’s are all taking their fair share of fish. Floating fry patterns such as suspender minkies, small booby suspender minkies, ethafoam fry and spondoolie’s are also accounting for some better trout.
 Weed cutting operations have now ceased in line with estate management policy. The marginal weed has this year been well managed and all the popular bank-fishing swims have been kept relatively clear. With the weed now beginning to die back and water temperatures cooling the bank sport should improve.
Boat bookings are now also being taken for the 2015 fishing season, so to reserve boats or any general fishery information call the fishing lodge on 01536 772930 or book boats directly online at our booking facility at www.eyebrook.com
Forthcoming Events The Eyebrook Fur and Feather Boat Competition will be held on Sunday 26th October 2014, the last day of boat fishing at Eyebrook for 2014. All are most welcome to this event, Normal day permits and boat prices will apply plus a £5 entry fee, and please bring a prize for the table. All monies raised at this event will be donated to the English Disabled Fly Fishers Association, Registered Charity No 800452
Winter Bank Fishing Permits Bank fishing will continue at Eyebrook from Monday October 27th until Sunday 30th November 2014 Winter Bank Permits will be available from 7am daily and will cost £16 for a 3 fish limit with unrestricted catch and release. Please also note that the fishery and estate gates will close promptly at 4pm each day.
And please, catch up with the All New Eyebrook Fishery Website at www.eyebrook.com absolutely full to the brim with fishery tips and all your fly-fishing related questions answered at ‘Millers Tails’ and for those of you who tweet, you can now follow us on @theEyebrook, if you’re on Facebook like our page at www.facebook.com/eyebrook
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Opening Day
Mac with a 9lb 8 oz Rainbow, Mac was fishing at Pollards on Green & White




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